Manny being Manny and a golf shot off the face

Manny Ramirez recently participated in ex-Red Sox teammate David Ortis’ 7th Annual Golf Classic, which raises money for his Children’s fund. The .gif below is reportedly Ramirez’s first golf swing ever, which is for some reason completely believable. Looks like a foul tip dribbling up the third-base line. Judging by his baseball-esque weight shift, I think […]

Golf Gadgets: The Good, The Fad and The Funky

I am not a great golfer. Heck, I am not even a good golfer. What I am—like many of you reading this—is an obsessed golfer. I simply cannot get enough of the game. But that wasn’t always the case. Nearly 20 years ago, frustrated by the fact that I would never come close to mastering […]

Modern Golf: The Golf Equipment Promised Land

Golfers have been told about (and ignored) the benefits of custom fitting for years, but just as the practice started to gain traction with average golfers a decade ago, new barricades popped up. The Internet simplified the club-purchasing process and golf equipment companies began developing apps to help golfers determine the best clubs for them. […]

Q&A: BombTech Golf Founder “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Founder and CEO Tyler “Sully” Sullivan. If you’re into golf equipment, you can probably name several small companies that make putters, irons and forged wedges. Now name a small company that makes drivers. Yes, it’s much more difficult. BombTech Golf is on the short list of small golf equipment companies that produce metalwoods, […]

Bettinardi to release 10 new putters for 2015

Don’t think of it as a new putter line. Think of these putters as distinct models that just happen to be released at the same time. That was my takeaway from a conversation about Bettinardi’s new putter line with Sam Bettinardi, vice president of sales and marketing for Bettinardi Golf, and it’s not a hard conclusion […]

Bubba releases “Bubbaclaus” music video… and it’s terrible

Social media is going ballistic about “The Single,” a music video release by Bubba Watson (aka Bubbaclaus), but I’m seeing right through this whole schtick. Let’s be serious. How can Bubba Watson, the guy who rained on everyone’s parade during the long-drive contest at the 2014 PGA Championship, possibly be our best candidate to spread […]

Like soft balls? Callaway launches Chrome Soft

The “have your cake and eat it too” of golf balls? It just might be Callaway’s new Chrome Soft, a golf ball that’s promising tour-level distance and short game control that’s not typical of its marshmallowy soft feel. In general, softer golf balls tend not to go as far as harder golf balls. Think of […]

Grading Fox Sports’ golf debut

Inherently, tournament golf is a sport better viewed from a television screen. When you’re a spectator at a live golf event, you’re there to see the course, the players, the shots and take in the experience of world class golf — you’re not there to see winners and losers. It’s the only sport where you […]